The Timber Investigation Centre is dedicated to improving the ability of civil society to monitor illegal logging & deforestation, track illegal wood through international supply chains, and use the information obtained to best effect. It has a particular focus on helping communities and activists in forested countries harness the power of consumer country laws meant to prevent illegal wood reaching end markets.

It hosts information and resources that can help communities and non-profits across the world stem supply chains that are contributing to deforestation, the loss of biodiversity, and harming the livelihoods and rights of rural communities.

At the heart of the website is a Guidebook that provides in-depth guidance on how individuals or groups can contribute their knowledge and expertise to this effort. The guidebook has been developed to benefit interested parties at any stage of the supply chain, whether they work on the frontline with forest-dependent communities, or in a timber-importing country in Europe.

Supply chains are complex, and many people only have the ability to examine one stage of it. This website has been founded on the principle that, collectively, we can build a clearer picture of these supply chains and prevent illicit products, stolen from forests, from entering the market.